About Laurie Walton - Empowerement Coach

Hi, I’m Laurie…

I’m Laurie Walton. As an Empowerment Coach, I love to work with motivated female clients like you. Women that are willing to invest in themselves and uncover the hidden blocks holding them back.

Your pattern may have been to play small but you know there is more in you that is calling to you. I know your struggle, I have been there. For many years I lived a life that was ruled by fear and a lack of confidence. I have the skills and tools that will support you on your journey of discovery.

My path of healing and personal growth has been lifelong. My dad was a family practice doctor, sometimes I would join him on house calls when he visited and cared for his patients. These experiences informed my ability to hold a healing space. My 22 years as a Massage Therapist honed my ability to be present and grounded. When you work with me you will feel safe and deeply listened to, allowing you to discover your inner clarity and strength. The self-discovery and healing journey of my life has led me to explore a vast array of healing modalities. The foundation of my coaching is built on these skills and experiences. I am passionate about guiding people like you to unlock your potential and expand your capacity for confidence, worthiness, and deservingness, so you can live an authentic and prosperous life with freedom, energy, ease, and joy.

Fairbanks, Alaska is my home where I enjoy living with my husband. Being surrounded by Alaska’s natural beauty creates a foundation of peace, wonder, and gratitude in my life.

Certifications | Training | Experience

  • 22 years as a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist
  • Hypnotherapy- HeartWood Institute
  • Super Coach
  • Ignite Your Power Certification
    Mastery Program
  • Tapping Into Wealth
  • Raised 2 Caring Human Beings

What Laurie’s Clients are Saying…

Laurie’s enthusiasm and authenticity draw you in and help you make more progress than you were able to envision on your own.


I think your website should have a warning: If you want to stay the same, not improve your life, not expand yourself, not reach your greatest potential, don’t work with Laurie. ;-).


I absolutely love Laurie’s coaching style! Calm, grounded, listens so well, and really cares about her clients.

The coaching work you did with me around money and identifying family patterns about money is really starting to show tangible results. Words fail me in expressing how grateful I am.


This [coaching experience] for me was life-changing


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