The Four Shifts Comprehensive Program

Healing Shifts

This is a year-long program for spiritual entrepreneurs and businesswomen.

Your confidence, joy, and enthusiasm for life expand as you begin to access the empowered wealth of who you truly are by applying proven processes that are customized to your specific needs.
So what are these Shifts?

The Healing Shift uses the mind-body connection to uncover the hidden root behaviors that are limiting your wealth and finances. allowing you to make new choices You feel calmer, centered, lighter, and more energized.

The Belief and Possibility Shift opens you to the next level of personal and financial empowerment and freedom to feel open, curious, excited, ready, and committed.

The Empowerment Shift guides you to step into a self that is more powerful, joyful, enthusiastic, confident, and fearless. Feel your inner value and have a new level of confidence and enthusiasm.

The Action and Up-Leveling Shift: Your motivation is supercharged. You have clarity about how up-leveling requires inner work, support, and accountability. You feel accomplished, validated, excited, and ready for more.

This is a 12-month program

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May 10, 2023