There’s a classical yoga story of the snake and the rope I want to share with you today.

In the darkness, a coiled rope may resemble a snake. If we come across this coiled rope in the shadowy darkness, we will probably react as if it was a snake. We would fearfully jump out of the way, with our hearts racing. At that moment the rope IS a snake. Yet, if we shine a light upon the coiled rope, all of our fears and feelings disappear. The truth is revealed, the snake is only a rope and we let out a sigh of relief.
The light removes the darkness of our fear and magically we see things for what they are. In this case a rope, not a snake. We may have been avoiding that coiled rope for years believing it to be a powerful and dangerous snake.

Are there some ropes masquerading as snakes in your life?
Are you avoiding dark corners where you imagine coiled snakes could be?

Sometimes we need assistance to shine a metaphorical light on our snake in the dark so that we can see the truth. It is only a rope. When we reveal this truth we remove the fear that may have been holding us back or keeping us playing small or however, our fears restrict us. Now we can take action toward our dreams and goals with new confidence.