My mom loved quotes. Her kitchen cabinets were covered with inspirations jotted onto sticky notes. The refrigerator was covered with photos of family and friends and more quotes. Unfurling her roll-top desk revealed little notes and thoughts taped on the leading edge and scotch taped onto other desk surfaces. They were yellowed and worn with age and still sharing encouragement decades later. I must admit that I have inherited this tendency from her. One of her many gifts to me.

On my refrigerator, you will find photos of family and friends and words of insight and encouragement. Taped to the upper corner is a quote I cut out of a tea box many years ago. These words from George Sand continue to challenge me.

“We must accept truth even if it changes our point of view”.

I invite you to sit with those words. This sounds simple but following this advice can rock your world.

What is your truth? Sometimes truth is a story we tell ourselves over and over again. We repeat it so many times that it feels like the truth. It becomes our perceived truth.

Those stories that are repeated over and over inside our heads might be a voice from our past. It may be a voice about what was “true” for our family. “People like us have to work hard for what we get” or some other unconscious family rule or belief. The false truth might be something about yourself, “ I’ll never be good enough”, “ I’m not worthy”, or “I’m not special”.

When these beliefs are unconsciously repeated enough times they become like truths in our minds and bodies. We perceive them as The Truth, but they are false truths.

Are there false truths being repeated silently in your head? Are they repeating over and over, running in the background, and showing up in your life as truth?

And what if you discovered the real truth? The truth that you are enough, you are worthy, you are magical, and you are capable!

Would it sound like this,“ I am good enough right now”, “ I am worthy of all good things” and “ I am unique and special. There is no one else in the world like me”?

What if we accepted those new truths, how would that change our point of view?

How would that change who you are? How you show up in the world?

How does acceptance of those new truths change your point of view?

I invite you to question, investigate and be curious about your truths, to look behind the things we unquestioningly take for truth. Be open to changing your point of view with courage and compassion, and wonder.

I wonder how that will change your view of yourself and the world.

Shine Your Light,